Massages from Expert Hands
Knead, loosen, strengthen.

Massages Here you will be offered soothing massages

Look forward to dreamlike massages from expert hands. Our highly trained staff will be happy to spoil you with classic massages, foot reflex zone massages or Shiatsu. Something very special are the treatments with alpine ingredients, such as Swiss stone pine oil. Use the power of nature for your well-being and your health.
Classic Massage
The masseur can loosen tense muscle groups as well as strengthen flabby muscles. Blood circulation is increased and the purification process of the tissue is improved.
€ 34,00
€ 54,00
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Foot reflex zones massage
Massage of individual foot reflex zones can relieve pain throughout the body and release blockages.
€ 54,00
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Enjoy a Far Eastern tradition that brings your body, your mind and your soul into harmony.
€ 53,00
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